Sprinkler Systems

DSC_0138Aven Fire Systems, Inc. offers various automatic fire sprinkler system solutions. We staff experts in design, engineering, installation, service, and maintenance.

Wet Pipe Systems
The wet pipe system is the simplest and most widely used fire sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers are attached to a piping system which contains water and is connected to a water supply. Only those sprinklers activated by the fire will discharge water. Wet systems are frequently installed in factories, warehouses and buildings where the risk of freezing ambient temperatures is negligible.

Dry Pipe Systems
Dry pipe systems are most frequently installed in areas subject to freezing temperatures, such as unheated storage areas and loading docks. These systems use automatic sprinklers attached to piping that contains pressurized air or nitrogen. When the sprinkler head opens, it releases the pressurizing agent. Without the clapper being held shut by the pressurizing agent, water forces the dry pipe valve clapper open, fills the system and discharges only through the sprinklers activated by fire.

Deluge Systems
Protection for extra-hazard risks such as steel mills, aircraft hangers and petrochemical facilities. Deluge systems are used to protect high hazard areas with a deluge of water. It can be activated by electric operation, or wet or dry pilot line. When used with a pilot line, the pure mechanical operation ensures protection in the event of loss of electrical power in a fire.

Pre-Action Systems
Protection against accidental water damage in areas like computer rooms, libraries and freezers. These systems normally require a separate detection device, which opens the deluge or water control valve prior to the sprinkler head operating. An audible alarm is also incorporated into the design to activate prior to water discharge.